Love By Action

A couple of weeks ago we launched the new Love By Action site ( Love By Action is a new organization whose purpose is to serve those in poverty, specifically in a slum area of Nairobi called ‘Mathare’.

Organizations like Love By Action are the reason why Joshua One:Six exists.

Earlier this year we were able to travel to Nairobi, Kenya to see the work they are doing first hand. Seeing and being a part of the work happening on the ground allowed us to see the heart and catch the vision for their work, this has helped us to tell their story more effectively. Read More

Social media is here, are you?

This year I really want to focus on embracing social media even more. Not just to read peoples tweets or Facebook updates but to offer resources, help others understand it and be more available to offer help when possible.

As many others i’m sure, i started to really paying attention to twitter in January 2010, right after the earthquake in Haiti. Somehow I came across Shaun King (@shaunking) and he was making huge moves to help people in Haiti from his location in Atlanta. A few months later, through twitter, I met a man who without really knowing me provided me with a flight, a place to stay and paid for my entrance to The Ideation Conference in Long Beach, California. Since then i’ve made some incredible contacts and friends using social media. Read More